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Remedial Massage and Manipulative Therapies / Osteomyology

Versus Other Therapies

There should be no manipulation of a joint without pre and post Remedial Massage. After the muscles are softened and relaxed by the massage, a Muscular Stretch Reflex Action is initiated onto the joint that is misaligned, to allow the muscle to pull the joint back into it's natural place. Unfortunately some other therapists initiate joint realignments without the necessary massage of the surrounding muscles first, thus producing small ruptures of the muscle fibrils in turn allowing a slight bleed of both blood and lymph into the already inflamed surrounding tissue, making the healing time longer and more painful. This may also cause an Osteo-arthritic condition to be initiated. Some practitioners think that muscle are "just muscles" and will correct themselves. At the Belper Backpain Clinic we believe that muscles are a vital part of the problem where any adjustments or corrections are made to the joints. They will be affected but the joints misalignment and need addressing as well.