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Here we show some of the testimonials that patients have kindly sent to us. We are pleased to have been able to  help them.

I am writing as a General Practitioner. I have known Mr. Thacker for some months both as a patient and professionally, as I refer many patients, suffering from a variety of musculoskeletal problems, to him & find him to be both professional & extremely successful in treating a multitude of conditions.

I believe that he has practiced the relevant profession for the requisite period lawfully, safely & effectively on the basis of my experiences both personally & from reports & review of patients I have seen both prior to & following his treatment.

Mr. Thacker makes a full & presenting complaint-based assessment from the history & subsequent examination of his patients. He is continually reviewing his diagnoses on the basis of his findings and I believe, whilst focusing on the matter in hand, always considers the possibility of alternative and differential diagnoses & is alert to the potential for complications & their consequences. With regard to Mr. Thacker’s choice of therapies, I feel this to be in keeping with his clinical findings & appropriate to the condition & area to be treated. He provides detailed advice on his therapies prior to commencing treatment, together with clinically appropriate exercise programme and post-treatment instruction. He also provides telephone support and will see patients as a matter of urgency should their symptoms merit this.

His full and comprehensive history taking would have highlighted any specific sensory deficit or problem as would his evaluation clinically. His knowledge of the cervical & brachial plexus and the use of these in his work are exceptional in my professional opinion.

I have no hesitation in recommending him as a professional and competent practitioner.

Dr. P.

Mac and Tracey have been treating many members of my family for over 20 years.

My husband first saw Mac with an acute problem following heavy lifting whilst gardening. Having been to see his GP and subsequently an orthopaedic specialist who could not help him, he heard about Mac through ‘word of mouth’. When Mac first saw him he was unable to walk 20 yards.  After a single appointment walking was no longer a problem. I, myself have been ‘put back together’ many times following a fall from a horse causing a whiplash injury, after a ‘bump’ in the car and with many aches and pains attributable to my work. Both my children have been ‘mended’ after various injuries caused by over-zealous rugby tackles and falls from horses, the list is endless.

Mac and Tracey are always very professional in their conduct, accurate in their diagnoses and effective in their treatment. 

I would recommend them to anyone.

Dr. J.

As a Professional Athlete & a Great Britain Basketball player, the physical condition of my body is paramount to my success, achievement and my well being. Daily training is part of my routine to achieve the goals to be the best I can be, I am constantly pushing my body to its physical boundaries to reach new levels in fitness, skill and athleticism.
I have suffered with an on going back condition for around 6 years, and although many physiotherapist's, Osteopaths and Sports Therapists have offered temporary relief from my condition, none of them have been able to diagnose the route of the issue or give me a detailed treatment and rehabilitation program to manage and give on going relief from my back condition. Upon my first consultation with Mac, I informed him of my fears of disc injury, surgery and the very real prospect of retiring from professional sport immediately due to the problem. On that same in depth consultation Mac informed me not only of the initial site and cause of the injury, but also the reasons behind its reoccurrence, and the implications on other minor injuries I had occurred. As an Osteomyologist he looked at the whole make up of my skeletal system, Muscular and Nervous system to give me a full picture of the injury, its reoccurrence and the path needed to treat it.
I have been seeing Mac for 4 months now and the improvement and management of my back condition has improved to the point where I feel I am not only able to train and play my sport pain free, but also that my performance has now begun to improve due to not having the restrictions that my back injury brought. The support, rehabilitation and educational advice that Mac has given me has made sense of the condition, and has also put my recovery in my hands.
I would highly recommend seeing an Osteomyologist for an injury or a condition, as the whole body and its physical make up is taken into account when identifying the problem, and not just the injury.

Miss E.

For a number of years I suffered with pains in my neck, head and face and experienced pain in my ears when subjected to certain levels of everyday noises.  I also had a problem with my hip which would rotate out on occasions.  Apart from an x-ray on my hip, which showed a ‘clicking hip’ and being advised not to do certain exercises e.g. Yoga;   I was not offered any further support.

Following a recommendation, I attended Belper Backpain Clinic and was assessed by Mr. Thacker.  Following this consultation, it appeared that all my problems stemmed from a serious fall as a small child and had this been noted earlier I would not have spent years experiencing this pain, which I felt that I would have to learn to live with.

I have been attending the clinic for a number of years and those problems have now disappeared.  However, I still continue to attend the clinic as I feel it beneficial following  years of poor posture due to aches and pains.

More recently I have been treated at hospital for breast cysts which had to be drained by needle, a very uncomfortable procedure.  However having discussed this problem with Mr. Thacker I was offered lymphatic massage.  This has subsequently resulted in the cysts disappearing and eliminated the need for any invasive procedures.

I feel there are more people out there who would benefit from this sort of assessment and treatment and had it not been for that recommendation all those years ago, I would still be in pain and would have had to adapt my lifestyle to accommodate my problems. 

If this service could be made available on the NHS, more people would benefit and maybe certain invasive procedures could be avoided.

Mrs. K.

When I first went to Mac I could hardly walk, stand up or sit down. Lying down was even a problem! Mac “put me back together” and keeps me there! Importantly he also discusses with me what I have been doing/how I work etc to identify what could be aggravating/causing problems and comes up with solutions to prevent problems arising.


Mrs. D.

To whom it may concern,

I have been receiving treatment from Mr. M. Thacker since early November 2010.  This was to alleviate chronic back conditions affecting my back, right hip and both knees. Thus far the treatments I have received have greatly alleviated the symptoms of all the conditions mentioned above.  I anticipate a complete recovery from the conditions in the near future. This is in marked contrast to the treatment offered by the NHS, which consisted of advice to use anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen, to strengthen the supporting leg muscles through exercise and to use a walking stick. I find that prolonged use of such medication has deleterious effects on my digestive system and I have also been a regular attendee at several gymnasia for several years.  So the advice was less than helpful. This has all been in marked contrast to the results achieved by Mr. Thacker that I mentioned above.  So I would like to take this opportunity to both commend and recommend him and his organisation to you.


I have been attending Belper Back Pain Clinic for exactly one year.  When I first went to see Mac I was in a very bad way with a bad back, leg pains and neck pain.  I was told that due to me falling over about 20 years ago I had damaged the bottom of my back in twisting my pelvis and knocking it out. I started treatment of twice weekly, then down to once a week and now I am once fortnightly. 

I can honestly say that Mac changed my life.  I can walk further now without much pain and my sciatic nerve down my leg is under control.  Through the summer I get swelling of the ankles but with one session with Mac he has them down in no time. Mac is the most wonderful and kindest person you can meet, he listens to your problems and understands the pain and what exercises to work on you in your session with you so it stops hurting.  I trust him 100% and honestly would not like the thought of not being able to have my back pain sorted out by him.

He has lots of ideas for you to try and understands what you can and can not achieve.  I have also been able to start swimming once a week for extra strength build up on the back.  I am much fitter now than a year ago.

I would not hesitate in recommending Mac to anyone suffering with a bad back as he understands and will soon have you up and running again.

Mrs. H.


I had what I believed to be tightness in my hamstrings which was not going away and decided I should visit my GP. After checking I was not suffering with sciatica I was told to give it a couple more weeks and if the symptoms persisted to go back to the GP. I was not offered any suggestions of what my ailment might be or what I could do to ease it, apart from resting. After the second visit to the GP I was referred for Physio. After a few Physio sessions and daily exercise my back was causing pain and I was given different exercises but they didn’t help with the back pain,

As a result of the back pain I contacted Mac Thacker at Belper Backpain Clinic. I had seen him previously many years, following a personal recommendation, with a sacroiliac problem. At my initial appointment Mac asked many questions and listened to my responses before a physical examination. There have been several months of appointments during which time Mac has talked about possible causes as well as dealing with the symptoms. From the beginning he has been honest about my situation and that it would not be an overnight remedy. I have found his approach to be professional and reassuring dealing with the physical elements as well as how I am dealing with it emotionally and mentally. He will explain why he is treating one area when I feel discomfort in another and can share this in simple, non-medical language. This goes beyond the service I found at the GP and Physio appointments.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mac Thacker to someone suffering with back or muscular problems.

Mrs. C.

I have nothing but praise for my Osteomyologist, Malcolm ‘Mac’ Thacker, of Belper Backpain Clinic LTD. He has alleviated the pain that over decades had become what I can only describe as chronic.

My history related to the above started with a motorcycle crash when I was 16.  By my early twenties I had decided that the leg I had broken was shorter by approximately 1centimetre. I remedied this by placing a pad in the appropriate shoe.  While this appeared to correct my walk, I still suffered with an array of aches and pains.  When in my late twenties, one doctor said that my spine was slightly curved. Things became really bad when I participated in a number of exam invigilating sessions about five years ago that required me to stand for two or more hours.  My doctor at the time said that ‘someone of my age – I am 58 - was bound to have some back pain!

Mac examined me, explaining that one leg was not shorter than the other – I had been using a pad in my shoe for over thirty years - but that my pelvis was not seated correctly. What followed has been a gradual process, and while I am not yet cured as the maintenance of my posture, both sitting and standing is lax, my condition is improving and I consider this totally as a consequence of attending Mac’s Clinic.

Mac and people with similar qualifications should receive more recognition, as the services that they provide are something that is of major benefit to thousands.


Mr. Mac Thacker is a very caring and understanding person, who is very efficient and excellent in his field of work. Belper Backpain Clinic is always warm, bright and cheerful with interesting books and magazines. If an emergency problem arises he is always there to help and he will never turn you away. Without the treatment he has given me I would not be able to do my job, having been told by the hospital Physio that nothing else could be done for me. Mac's treatment keeps me moving and without this treatment I would be unable to live a full life.

My Mother also visits Belper Backpain Clinic and without his treatment she is convinced she would have needed a hip replacement by now.

Mrs. T.

P.S. My son, Chris wrote this next paragraph for you to add;

For me personally, the treatment I have received from Mr. Mac Thacker has changed my life. Without the hands of this iconic man who knows what my physical capabilities would be limited to. For that and for the many other reasons I will be eternally grateful. I hope others can be treated for a long time to come by this mans inspiring dedication to helping others.

Now you know what you mean to us. 

I have known Mr. Thacker of Belper Backpain Clinic Ltd for the 3 months; my initial appointment being to seek attention to my lower back area, but diagnosis being a twisted pelvis.

Mr. Thacker carried out my first and subsequent treatments with alacrity and vigour resulting in a thorough diagnosis, relief from pain and able to continue in my profession in the Care Industry with peace of mind.

Mr. Thacker is tenacious in his work and I would strongly recommend his service and being part of the team of Osteomyologists.

Mrs V.

I had been suffering with chronic back pain since the age of 16, It would come and go every 6 months or so. However when I was 29 I woke up one morning and almost fell on the floor because of a shooting pain down the back of my leg and my right foot was numb. The doctors diagnosed it as sciatica but it was an agonising 8 months before I got an appointment to see a specialist at the hospital by which time I was already feeling a bit better. The hospital specialist referred me to a physiotherapist who gave me some exercises to strengthen my core and although I was feeling a bit better it didn’t really address the real problem. I sought some alternative treatments and having tried a few people I was finally told to come and see Mac after a recommendation from a friend. Mac diagnosed the problem as sciatica due to a twisted pelvic girdle which I may have sustained after a car accident when I was a small child. This difference between what the hospital provides and what Belper back pain clinic provides is that the hospital will only treat the symptoms where as Mac will look at the cause and address the problem at its root.

I have been seeing Mac for almost 5 years now for routine maintenance to make sure the sciatica doesn’t reoccur and various other problems such as knee problems, headaches and problems of a sensitive and personal nature. Mac has never failed to impress and will always explain why he is doing the things he does and how it works. His knowledge of the human body is second to none and I have full confidence in treatment and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Mr. R.

I suffered from back pain for a number of years and have had physiotherapy and other treatments with little effect. Fortunately I was recommended to Belper Back Pain Clinic and Mr. Thacker diagnosed that the pain was due to a misalignment of my pelvis. As a result of the treatment, and regular “tune –ups”, I now have only occasional twinges and I know that if I do have any problems I can get attention quickly if necessary.

I would have no hesitation to recommend Belper Back Pain Clinic to anyone suffering from back pain.

Mr. T

(H.M. Coroner (Retired))

To Whom it may Concern, I first had serious pain and discomfort in my lower back following a series of long haul flights in March 2006.Following discussions with my Local GP I was prescribed pain killers as the only way of treating my condition, however, this did not deal with the source of the medical condition.

Through a friend’s recommendation and in an attempt to free myself from pain and discomfort (which the GP could not help beyond prescribing pain killers) I started having regular treatment with Mac Thacker at the Belper Backpain Clinic. This combined with advice on adopting good posture habits has meant in the last 4 years I have had no serous re-occurrence of my original  condition where I could hardly walk. In addition where I have had stiffness in my neck or lower back or suffered as a result of a slip or fall the treatment has enabled me lead a very normal life which has been pain free and in a sporting sense has been non restrictive.
Only be engaging the services offered by the Belper Backpain Clinic, I’m not aware that the treatment would have been available on the National Health Service, my quality of life and overall well being has been significantly enhanced in recent years. 


I had been suffering lower back pain and found it difficult to bend and walk without the pain increasing for several years. I consulted my GP who sent me for x-rays and was advised that I had mild scoliosis and moderated spondylitis in my lower back, the latter being normal in a person of my age.  No treatment was offered.

I sought out some physiotherapy treatment which gave me better movement but after any exercise including walking my lower back would become stiff and painful making movement awkward.

I came across Belper Backpain Clinic by chance and made an appointment for Osteomyology treatment.  At the initial consultation a problem with my pelvis was identified.  Since receiving a course of treatment my mobility has improved greatly and I have been able to return to playing badminton and best of all no longer have pain.  Osteomyology has worked for me!

 Mrs H.

I have a long history of back pain, spanning at least 20 years. Historically, I have been told by NHS GPs and NHS physiotherapists that due to the curvature in my spine nothing can be done about this.

Recently I was finding that the pain in my back was having a severe impact on my ability to lift and carry, and drive, both at work and socially. I had to stop running and swimming, and ask my children not to jump on me. I couldn't dig on my allotment. Sometimes I could not walk long distances or on rough ground. It was making me miserable.

Therefore I am delighted with the impact that your treatment has had. I am experiencing much less pain and restriction in my back. I have been able to start running again and carry out tasks at work more easily. Both my Mum and my partner have commented that my spine is less curved as your treatment has released the muscles which were pulling it out of line.

I would like this kind of treatment to be available through GP referral, as it has had a significant impact. Currently I have to consider my monthly budget when booking appointments. I believe that your treatment fee is very reasonable, but I would rather access treatment through the NHS. I would be happy to recommend Belper Back pain Clinic to others.

Mrs, C.

I have been attending Belper Back Pain Clinic for exactly one year.  When I first went to see Mac I was in a very bad way with a bad back, leg pains and neck pain.  I was told that due to me falling over about 20 years ago I had damaged the bottom of my back in twisting my pelvis and knocking it out.

I started treatment of twice weekly, then down to once a week and now I am once fortnightly.  I can honestly say that Mac changed my life.  I can walk further now without much pain and my sciatic nerve down my leg is under control.  Through the summer I get swelling of the ankles but with one session with Mac he has them down in no time.

Mac is the most wonderful and kindest person you can meet, he listens to your problems and understands the pain and what exercises to work on you in your session with you so it stops hurting.  I trust him 100% and honestly would not like the thought of not being able to have my back pain sorted out by him.

He has lots of ideas for you to try and understands what you can and can not achieve.  I have also been able to start swimming once weeks for extra strength build up on the back.  I am much fitter now than a year ago.

I would not hesitate in recommending Mac to anyone suffering with a bad back as he understands and will soon have you up and running again.


I have always considered myself a very healthy person who is active in a variety of sports.  After a sports related injury that was affecting my work as a rock climbing and mountaineering instructor (a rock climbing accident) I went to several local Osteopaths and was referred by my GP for physiotherapy on the NHS.

When I realised that the injury wasn't healing I started looking further a field for treatment, hence I visited Mac Thacker and Tracey Kaye at the Belper Backpain Clinic for Osteomyology and the massage sessions and treatment has helped me recover to the point where I can work again in relative comfort.

I was impressed that only they noticed I had a badly rotated hip that was causing the issues and have managed the recovery of this in a professional way.

I continually recommend them to my friends and colleagues.

Mr R. 

As back pain sufferers both I and my husband have sought treatment at various centers and with different masseurs/euses over the years with varying results.  Once we came across the magic of a massage as performed by Tracey we stopped the ‘shopping around’.  This is a deep tissue massage that is second to none and it can truthfully be said that every tight spot or uncomfortable niggling discomfort is addressed.  My husband suffers quite severely from sciatica and has undergone caudal epidurals in the past as administered by an orthopedic surgeon.  However, even following this treatment he still experienced some discomfort which has been alleviated since having a regular massage with Tracey.  For my own part, not only does it help with my particular back problems but am certain that my cellulite has lessened.

In other respects, the staff are friendly, welcoming and dignity preserved at all times.  I recommend the Belper Backpain Clinic without hesitation to anyone wishing to undergo remedial massage.


May I first say that from the moment you arrive everyone involved at the Belper Backpain Clinic Ltd are both friendly and helpful, making your visit relaxing and peaceful but this testimonial is for my own Osteomyologist, Tracey Kaye.

Tracey excels at her work but most crucially never fails to put her patients first, always listening carefully to everything you have to say not only about how you feel in order to put you at ease about your visit but also to find out about your current health, any medication you might be taking in order to ascertain what she can and cannot do to help you.  She is always patient and kind as well as skilful and I might stress absolutely dedicated to her work even in the face of adversity, an admirable quality of hers . 

My mother encouraged me to visit Tracey a couple of years ago and I am so glad I agreed to go.  I now dread to think what I would do without her ability to sort me out when I am in pain or some degree of discomfort.

Mrs. E.

When I first went to see Tracey Kaye about 3 years ago I was suffering with back and shoulder problems.  Within a couple of treatments, my aches and pains disappeared and I continue to visit Tracey for a deep massage every 3 weeks which, as an active person and keen runner, I use for preventative and maintenance measures.  On one or two occasions I have had problems with my knees or my back but Tracey sorts the problem out very quickly and I am back to normal.

Over the 3 years I have known Tracey, she is always professional and courteous and although I feel we have grown to know one another quite well over the period, she continues to allow me the same respect, privacy and discretion as she did the first time I met her.  I know, too (because she treats several friends and relatives of mine) that her discretion and code of confidentiality are absolutely sound.  I have subsequently discovered that Tracey knew before I did that I was to be a grandmother.  Not even when I told Tracey “my news” did she let on that she knew already.

The treatment room does not have the space for a changing room but Tracey always holds a large towel to afford some dignity while I'm changing (something that makes me smile because, at 5 floors up, it’s only her or the window-cleaner who might see in) but, again, it shows sensitivity and respect.

I continue to see Tracey on a regular basis and only when I leave it a week or two longer and aches and pains set in, do I realise what a successful job she is doing in preventing any joint or muscular problems for me and, hopefully, helping me to maintain an injury-free body.


I have been one of Tracey's patients for a few years and attend appointments once very fortnight.  My first visit to Tracey was quite memorable as she said that I was extremely stressed and my back was as hard as a board.  I would recommend Tracey to anyone as she is the ultimate professional and is also just a lovely human being.


I have been receiving treatment from the Belper Backpain Clinic, Tracey Kaye, for a number of years and have nothing but praise for the treatment I have received and the professional manner in which it has been given.

I attend the clinic on a regular basis for deep massage and mobilisation treatment and the treatment given has alleviated my muscle pain and given me free movement.

I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend the clinic, Tracey and the services received to anyone.