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Remedial Massage is a drug free skilled art, performed through the hands of a trained, competent practitioner. It is one of the most popular and useful of the complementary arts and therapies, specialising in muscular, tendon and ligament problems. Its effects are often immediate and the physical contact between practitioner and patient can be enormously comforting and therapeutic.


The massage technique used by Dr. Thacker at the clinic is a Neuro-Muscular massage and may seem invasive and for a short time discomforting but this is one of the most effective ways of treating the body and promoting its ability to heal itself by stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems, soothing or revitalising the nervous system, loosening tight, or toning weak muscles and soft tissue, and restoring the flow of energy.

Dr. T. Kaye uses traditional, deep tissue Remedial massage to relax tight muscles and tone weak muscles, coupled with mobilisation and muscle energy release technques. She may also use Neuro Muscular Massage.

Neuro Muscular Massage. This is a technique involving the application of pressure at the site where the nerve invests the affected muscle. This pressure instills the brain to concentrate on the pressure (approx 2lb per sq. inch) and allowing the muscle to relax once this has happened the pressure is released and the muscle cannot reinitiate the contraction which it was in, allowing for mobilisation without damage to that muscle. This is the fastest way to release a muscle and although there may be some discomfort it should be only for a short period of time. As there may be some discomfort felt, a scale of discomfort called the Borg scale is used at the clinic with the patient relaying the amount of discomfort felt. There should never be any more that 8 out of 10. This technique also uses a cross fiber effect to release muscle tight in spasm, it is able to tighten lax ligaments as well.

How it works

Remedial Massage is a truly holistic therapy (considering the person as a whole, physically and psychologically). It does this by relaxing, stimulating and toning muscles - balancing the structure of the body and encouraging profound relaxation. Spasm or tension that is causing poor functioning of the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, nervous and lymphatic systems can be resolved, causing pain and discomfort to be eased or relieved. The body, with all its systems working properly, is then able to concentrate on healing itself, and to fight off infection or illness as it appears.

What it helps with

Massage aids relaxation and provides "personal time" for rest and recuperation, reduces joint and muscular aches and pains relaxes muscles helps calm muscle tensions or swelling and fluid retention, eases backache, shoulder & neck tension and pains caused by bad posture it may help in lowering high blood pressure.

Does it help Sports people?

Sports people can benefit from regular massage as it can help prevent injury, helps in functional muscle balance, reducing the risk of injuries, improves circulation, allows greater energy, increase range of movement. With having a relaxed group of muscles it can improve flexibility & personal bests as well as increase recovery times.

Any thing else?

Yes you don't have to be a Sports person the benefit from a massage. Massage can help anyone suffering from muscular aches and pains, postural tension often bought on by sitting at work stations or driving all day long. 

The Clinic also offers Gift Vouchers for Therapeutic Massage treatments performed by Dr. Tracey Kaye (C.Ostm) -  Just call 01773 822523 and ask our Receptionist for details.