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The Usui Shiki Ryoho school of Reiki is the original form coming from Dr. Mikao Usui, the one who re-founded this ancient form of healing which uses Universal Life Force Energies. The practitioner acting as a "Channel" for the energies to be brought to the receiver, who may feel it's sensation as heat, cold, tingling etc. through the hand of the practitioner albeit over their fully clothed body. Dr.Thacker is a 7th in line from Dr. Usui.Both Dr. Thacker and Dr. Kaye are 3rd Degree Masters in Reiki.

This is a safe and relaxing form of healing that is becoming more popular in the help of treating a number of problems and illnesses. These treatments are carried out in a calm tranquillity and no discomfort should be felt at all just the calm revitalising energies, aiding the bodies natural defences.

As with all other forms of treatment if you have some special music that you like to relax to, bring it along to the clinic.