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Manipulative Therapy concentrates on the manipulation of joints. This technique is geared towards correcting the structural imbalances and tensions that have developed through incorrect movement, accidents, postural, habits, stress and strain to enable full and normal range of movement, once the appropriate muscles, tendons and soft tissues have been suitably relaxed.

There are many ways a joint may become misaligned, it does not have to be dislocated, to cause a dysfunction, it can sometimes happen without apparently "doing anything", bending over, after driving or just reaching for something. This may be because the cause of the misalignment may have been years ago and the body has been compensating, then is just put under the final stress and pain ensues.

Manipulative Therapy is a technique used to correct stability and function of the skeletal system. by certain adjustments, releases the bindings of joints, which are restricting their normal range of movement to allow their freedom to move naturally.