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Back Bites Book
Get you copy of Backbite Book, contact
£4.99 with a donation to the Tiny Tim Children's Centre. Coventry,

Review by the Northern Institute of Massage, Bury

A new book for therapists was published recently. “BACKBITES” by Dr. Mac Thacker (Ostm) non medical, (Chairman of NAMMT), is an amusing collection of stories garnered by Mac over the years from conversations with his patients. It provides an insight into patients not usually encountered in print.

The book is available from Mac at the Belper Back Pain Clinic or from the Northern Institute: £4.99 plus postage. Mac is generously donating some of the proceeds from each sale to The Tiny Tim Children's Centre at Coventry. The Tiny Tim Centre was founded by former NIM tutor, the late Stan Duncombe DO. The Northern Institute always supported Stan's work and there is a testimonial to that effect on display in the first floor Student's Cloakroom. Currently, Mac is the Vice Chairman and Director of Clinical Excellence at the Centre, hence his special interest and kind donation. We recommend the book to all students and practitioners as both a good read and to help an excellent cause: Tiny Tim.

On Saturday 6th December Dr. Mac Thacker was awaded the honour of Consutantancy of Osteomyology award of Merit by the Association of Osteomyologists.