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When you arrive at the clinic, you will find designated car parking spaces in the riverside car park. When you enter the building, there are no steps to climb allowing for wheelchair access, with a lift to take you to the 3rd floor. (There are stairs if you don't like lifts).

At your first appointment and consultation, a full case history, neurological and physical examination will be carried out to ensure that the treatments may be beneficial and there are no contraindications to treatment. Time is spent listening to the patient - to your views on what is wrong, how you feel, how the problem occurred, where is the pain? If there is any pain? Ache? Stiffness? Please be aware that ALL information is held in strict confidentiality under the DATA Protection Act. 

In compliance with Data Protection and GDPR, no patient files are shared with any third party without the patient's written consent.


During the examination and treatment, items of clothing may have to be removed. A gown or large towels are available upon request. If you would like a Chaperone to attend you can ask someone to come with you or you can ask for the female receptionist to acompany you at the appointments. But it is the policy of the Clinic to have the Receptionist as the Chaperone but a friend or relative may attend as well. 

Patients are advised to keep their GP's informed of their progress throughout the treatment.


The Clinic is situated in the North Mill at the north side of Belper at the "Triangle" near Belper Town Football Ground. When travelling along on the A6 from the south of Belper, go through the town and you will see a very large red brick building turn left at the traffic lights to go towards Ashbourne. When you have gone under a building that spans the road, you will see a car park on the right side of the road, park in the Clinic's designated car park spaces.

If coming southwards towards Belper on the A6, when you get to the large red building, turn right at the traffic lights then it is the same as above. If coming from the Ashbourne area the car park is situated on the left just after crossing the bridge over the River Derwent. Once parked,walk towards Belper then you will see a door in an alcove, if you press 3 and the bell sign on the lower key pad, the receptionist will let you in, then come up to the 3rd floor where you will find us.


To make an appointment call 01773 822523

Mobile: 07814 834839



3A North Mill Office Suites

Bridge Foot



DE56 1YD